Projects / Reuters Geneva & Docklands 

Reuters Geneva – This project involved a design by SG in collaboration with TJCA and the construction of a new international multi-phase technological information centre for Reuters, on the periphery of the Swiss town of Geneva.

The site is located within a ‘Green-Field’ area, using a land area of 4.10 hectares. The development incorporates the latest computer technology within a vast computer room: built over two floors as well as the construction of training and leisure facilities within an administration building, also on two floors; built around a two-storey glazed atrium.

A basement area contains staff car parking, plant rooms, storage and gymnasium. The overall site is heavily landscaped to create a peaceful working environment for staff and visitors.

Reuters Docklands – The same team were also appointed by Reuters to design a new and innovative development to form a landmark group of high technology buildings overlooking the River Thames opposite the Millennium Dome. These buildings would house a network of coordinated activities that link one group of needs with another and ensure integrity and security.

To realise the requirement for interaction and communication across the site, a courtyard of buildings, including the existing Richard Rogers designed technology centre, has been established around the existing Dock with a primary entrance for visitors and staff that provides a central access to the range of its present and future activities.

This formal linking of activities around an inner court provides a visual as well as secure physical link to the proposed areas of accommodation.

The ‘hi-tech’ architectural aesthetic was designed to meet Reuters brief and relate well to the existing Rogers building.

Reuters Geneva
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In collaboration with TJCA

Reuters Docklands
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