Sidell Architects


Sidell Architects, established in early 2017 by Ron Sidell after leaving Sidell Gibson*, is informed by more than 40 years’ experience in the field. In 1973 he and Paul Gibson – now a consultant to the new company – founded the original Sidell Gibson Partnership. They were, with Giles Downes, Chris Curtis and fellow Partners of the day, responsible for the creation of a broad range of award winning projects in the UK and countries overseas to include Germany, Iran, Spain, Switzerland and Libya.

The Practice has been joined by several of Ron’s original team and the programme of work at Sidell Architects continues the same tradition of the high-level design of commercial offices, residential, hotel and leisure developments, cultural/heritage buildings and urban design master planning.

Our commitment is to achieve maximum benefit and added value for clients, end users and the wider community. The office has the creativity and technical expertise to successfully deal with complex design issues, finding innovative solutions to satisfy planning requirements as well as environmental and sensitive site constraints.

*The ‘Sidell Gibson’ name and legacy were acquired by the HLM Group in 2013 and remain in their ownership.