Projects / Paddington Central

In 2000 SG were appointed by Development Securities to design the masterplan for the whole of the Paddington Goods Yard site. A commission for the design of the four buildings of the first phase then followed – office and supporting infrastructure for Development Securities and residential for St George.

Paddington Central represents a strategic part of the neighbourhood of development around Paddington Station and as such involved a number of complex planning issues relating to British Rail, the A40 flyover, the waterway and the pre-disposition for future Crossrail construction. The central stepped and landscaped amphitheatre has become a popular destination and has been used as a setting for several film and TV dramas.

The concept of the design provided some 200 apartments along the canal, a new public open space that supports leisure and retail facilities and two office buildings of over 30,000m2 that complete the square. A central avenue was incorporated allowing for future phases of development.

British Land now own the site and over the past decade the hotel and mixed use office developments have been completed along the central theme of the SG masterplan.

Paddington, London
Development Securities
St. George
Notting Hill Housing Group
32000m2 offices, 6500m2 retail, 211 Apartments
Contract Value