Projects / Tower House

This building is located within the World Heritage site opposite the Tower of London next to Trinity Gardens. The design of the highly glazed 8 storey building includes protecting stone fins and sun shading with the 2 upper floors set back to reduce the apparent building mass. Construction is constrained by the building’s location over the Tower Hill underground station, and the structure is carefully designed to maintain the existing loads on the LU steel deck. The main facades and roof terrace enjoy spectacular views over the Tower of London, the River Thames and Trinity Square.

During the design process we considered a much larger building, filling the site to Tower Hill road. This scheme was supported by Tower Hamlets, English Heritage and the Tower of London, as it reinstated the historic street pattern, enclosing Trinity Gardens and provided more public amenity space; But ultimately the complex ownerships of the site proved too difficult to resolve and the scheme was built to the original site boundaries.
Designed as a headquarters office building for Land Securities, we obtained Planning Consent from Tower Hamlets, after which it was sold to City Offices/Greycoat, and finally built as a hotel for Citizen M.

Trinity Square, City of London
Land Securities Plc
City Office Development
Contract Value

Illustrations by Alistair Carr