Projects / Governor’s House

This site is adjacent to the Laurence Pountney Hill Conservation Area and half the building is located over a Scheduled Ancient Monument, identified as the Roman Governor’s Palace circa. AD60. A pedestrian route forming part of the ‘City Walkway’ crosses the development and has been diverted to run around the perimeter under a new external arcade. The site is steeply sloping allowing for a lower ground floor containing office space, car parking and a garden to be created.

The building has nine storeys of clear span office space organised around a large central atrium and provides a net lettable office area of 11705m2. The position of the building immediately on top of the Roman Governor’s Palace was a particular challenge; and a most intricate foundation design was required to ensure preservation of the remains.

The walls are predominantly clad in natural Bath stone and have large deeply recessed windows. The roof is finished in patinated zinc. A smaller six-storey annexe has been incorporated to the East of the site to maintain the sense of scale and proportion of the streetscape and to reflect the character of an adjoining Grade II Listed building.

The project was constructed on a partnering basis with Tarmac, and let to the Prudential as their new Head Office.

Laurence Pountney Hill, London
Argent Real Estate (Knightsbridge) Limited
11705 m2
Contract Value